Melina und ich werden verrückt

Melina und ich werden verrückt

10. September 2023 Μηλίνα - Milina 3


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  1. Thank you for the translation.

  2. Claar Verheyen it’s not a perfect translation, but you’ll get the main point.

    Do NOT walk or drive in flooded areas. If you must walk through, always wear boots and check the water depth with a stick.

    Do NOT drink the tap water , or use it for bathing (face , teeth )or washing dishes/ food . Only drink bottled water .

    Do NOT eat anything that comes from a flooded garden. Throw away any food that came in touch with the polluted flood water.

    Always wear gloves, boots and long sleeved clothes for cleaning your house from the flooded water. Afterwards clean your clothes thoroughly with hot water. Throw away anything that can’t be repaired, like bed mattresses etc.

    Beware of the mosquitoes that gathers due to the flooded water . Don’t come near the flooded water if you have any open scars . Remember to wash your hands many times through the day. If you or your children feel any physical distress please contact a doctor.

  3. Is there someone who can translate this in english. Google translate does not work on this

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